Chartered Project Management Consultant ChPMC


This course has been accredited under ABC Awards QLS (Quality License Scheme) by Brentwood Open Learning College. ABC Awards is a leading national Awarding Organization, regulated by Ofqual, and the Welsh Government for their qualifications on the national framework i.e. the Qualifications and Curriculum Framework (QCF). It has a long established reputation for developing and awarding high quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries. As a registered charity, ABC Awards combines 180 years of examination and assessment expertise but also implements a responsive, flexible and innovative approach to the needs of our customers. This certificate curriculum is based on the project management institute PMI standards and body of knowledge.

Project Management is a practice based profession. Project Management body of Knowledge PMBOK Guide is the place where we can find what is new in project management practices. Project Management Institute “PMI” issues this guide. “the latest best practices update. 

We deliver Chartered Project Management Consultant Certification Courses in Amman - Jordan, Riyadh, Khobar, Jubail - Saudi Arabia KSA, UAE and More.



Learning Outcomes 

At the end of this program attendee should be able to:

  • Carrying out projects successfully, within the budget, time, and scope through getting a solid understanding of project management concepts and knowledge.
  • Build an organizations project management methodology  
  • Provide a formal and ad-hoc consultation, as well as expertise on the project management domain.
  • Provide training and coaching to the project staff    
  • Proper use of MS Project and WBS Builder
  • Prepare participant to pass the ChPMC Designation
  • Develop Project Manager competencies
  • Learn the Agile Practices.

Training Methodology 

It is an eight modules content workshop with 40 contact training hour.

We will use our customized learning aids like Project Management Software, WBS Pro, Mind Management, Real and approved project case studies,and formal real assignment. The workshop modules are developed as shown below in the modules section.  

This workshop has been customized to fit for both face to face learning and distance learning alike using our customized distance learning tool and technology.

Caba Representatives

The Chartered Association of Business Administrators® CABA has representatives in a number of countries to help the potential candidate through the process of attaining the CABA designations and certificates, and UTC Consultation Services is a CABA representative is Jordan, helping potential candidates through the process of attaining the CABA designations and certificates in the following training programs

  • Chartered Business Administrator - ChBA ®
  • Chartered Certified Business Consultant
  • Chartered Marketing Consultant
  • Chartered Project Management Consultant - ChPMC ®
  • Chartered Human Resource Consultant - ChHRC ®


Chartered Project Management Consultant ChPMC Training Modules



Typically organizations achieve their strategic goals and objectives throughout projects and operations, thus we should make a proper corporate alignment: 

  • Strategic Management Overview
  • Business Case & Need Assessment
  • Linking projects to Strategy
  • Benefit Management


Projects are carried out under a unique purposes and different environments and considerations to achieve organizational strategic goals and objective in the most feasible mean.

  • Doing the right project
  • Project Management Methodologies and Tailoring Considerations
  • Project Management and Product Development Stages
  • Governance Integration


Initiating a project is essential to ensure that projects are aligned with strategic objectives and to provide formal authorization to start the project. 

  • Chartering a project.
  • Stakeholder identification and classification 
  • Initiating Processes Practices & Tips


Project planning is critical for project success, proper planning developes all project work needed to achieve the project objectives and how that work will be performed.

  • Defining scope and scope baseline
  • Developing Project Schedule
  • Determining Project Budget
  • Plan Quality
  • Human resource management plan
  • Risk identification and risk responses
  • Developing communication plan
  • Stakholder engagement plan
  • Procurement management Plan


To ensure successful execution of the project plan activities, project manager needs to have various competeincies and apply various processes.

  • Project Manager Talent Triangle
  • Direct and manage project work
  • Managing project resources
  • Quality management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement management
  • Stakholder Management
  • Change Management 


To ensure project is on track, you need to monitor project progress, control changes to project baselines and manage change requests throughout the project.

  • Monitor & Controlling a project
  • Data flow & Project Management Change System
  • Monitor & Control Interaction
  • Project Deliverables Story


Releasing is performed at points within a project when a potentially releasable solution or a segment of that solution is delivered for feedback or review. This process is also performed when a released solution is evaluated for transition from ownership by the area that developed it to the area that wil put it into operation. It is used to:


  • Determine whether all or part of the solution should be released, and
  • Obtain agreement that all or part of a solution is now ready to be transitioned to an operational team under the ownership of the business area that will have ongoing responsibility for it.


The purpose of evaluation is to validate a full solution or a segment of a solution that is about to be or has already been implemented. Evaluation determines how well a solution meets the business needs expressed by stakeholders, including delivering value to the customer.


  • Evaluate Solution Performance
  • Determine Solution Evaluation Approach
  • Evaluate Acceptance Results and Address Defects
  • Obtain Solution Acceptance for Release
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