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The Road To Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is how you start your own business. many skills are needed for success, and most definitely need to be acquired, because creating a new start up business is a challenging and complex task, and the risks of starting a new business are high, as shown by the high failure rates for new start ups. So, The road to entrepreneurial success is long, challenging, and needs hard work and severe insistence.

We deliver Entrepreneureship Courses in Amman - Jordan, Riyadh - Saudi Arabia KSA, UAE and More.

Learning Outcomes

  • Generate and assess scalable business ideas

  • Develop creative problem-solving skills required in entrepreneurial businesses
  • Create a business model canvas and business plan
  • Analyze market opportunities
  • Develop a business model and competitive strategy
  • Form and work successfully in a team
  • Raise money from venture investors
  • Make a professional investor presentation

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Workshop Objectives

  • Equip them with the tools required to start their own business

  • Improve their chances of successfully starting their own business
  • Help participants understand the process, challenges, risks and rewards of starting up a new scalable venture

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Material Provided

  • Power Point Slides
  • Student Manual

  • Case-studies
  • Certificate of completion

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Entrepreneurship Training Modules

Module 1: Go big or go home

  • Introduction to scalable entrepreneurship

  • Understanding risk and return
  • Dealing with fear and the importance of failure

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Module 2: Investment: why and how

  • Why entrepreneurs raise money
  • Why investors invest in startups

  • How to raise venture funding

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Module 3: Value proposition and innovation

  • Key elements for success

  • Creating a business model canvas
  • Generating innovative business ideas

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Module 4: Value proposition and innovation

  • Sources and types of innovation

  • Value proposition – degrees of recognition
  • Disruptive business models

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Module 5: Market opportunity

  • Choosing a favorable market for a start-up
  • Analyzing markets – market types

  • Entering the market at an inflection point
  • Top-down and bottom-up market sizing

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Module 6: Competitive analysis and strategy

  • Differentiation and positioning

  • Value innovation
  • Elements of a start-up marketing strategy
  • Customer segments and archetypes
  • Sales and distribution strategies for start-ups
  • Creating sustainable competitive advantage

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Module 7: Fundraising and financial plan

  • Revenue models and cost structures

  • Forecasting revenue, expenses and cash flow
  • Valuation for start-ups
  • Fund raising and financing
  • Exit strategies and ROI
  • Cap tables
  • Key elements of a term sheet

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Module 8: Presentation and communication

  • Communication Skills

  • Presentation Skills

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