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PMO Set up and Deployment

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Project Management Consulting

Our Project Management Services Cover the Organizational project management including project management framework and project management office practices.



PMO Setup and Deployment

Our deep and solid experience in PMO function areas in different sectors over last 12 years will be at your service. We manage PMO dynamics, we do art of producing the PMO solution that fit your needs, considering your business growth and future changes. Agile PMO and Hybrid ones are part of our interest and experience also. Innovation management and business transformation are always part of our PMO solutions. We can understand your needs exactly and provide you more than what you may expect. Our experience in PMO functions digest all trending and updated practices and focus areas will help you to deploy the desired PMO functions to your Organization.

PMO Outsource

In many cases you may prefer to manage your PMO through outsourcing approach, we recommend to you to get benefit form from our experience and experienced team which include capacity building for your project management office. We can customize the outsource service according to your need and play the role of PMO advisor alike. No wander we can adapted to your organization the best technology and tools.

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Enhancing an Existing PMO

PMO is an organizational entity, thus, it will be impacted by any organizational change like strategy updates, resources, new professions and disciplines, restructuring, re-engineering, new project management precise, and so. That is way many of our clients’ needs help in enhancing and enabling existing PMOs. UTC can easily assess the current state and draw up the desired state for our clients, moreover we can conduct accordingly the right enhancement and fixing when and as needed.

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Project Management Consulting

Many consulting services are here, like project management audit, review and recovery, manage business value, managing projects etc. With more than 27 years’ experience in project management in different sectors and business areas we can integrate your project success and ensure project outcomes for better benefit realization. As project management is our passion we adapt business transformation project framework for your needs.

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