Social responsibility

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Rapid change and update are one of the most common characteristics
of all Management professions, so we strongly believe that our mission is
to share latest updates and our experience with our society in the
middle-east region using the proper channel, UTC can reach
you whenever and wherever you want.

Free Workshops

Because we are close to our professional society, we can define what skills, capabilities, and new topics required to empower our society. We conduct search and research periodically so we can deliver the right topic to the right segment of the society, for example we deliver the below customized workshops topics in monthly bases:

  • Project management
  • Agile methods
  • Customer experience
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Management
  • Strategic planning and KPIs

Free Webinars

As our mission to develop society, we introduce to the professional society and youth people the latest trends and updates in the evolving professional tracks, growing technologies, and entrepreneurial concepts. This will improve people careers, open new opportunities in business, and support small and medium sized businesses SMEs, which will positively affect the overall society’s economic growth and sustainability, better living, and lower rates of unemployment. Topics we deliver in monthly bases like:

  • New and trending professional Tracks
  • Trending technologies
  • Changes is work environment
  • And more

Free Training Resources

In order to support achieving our social responsibility vison, that is to support and develop of professional and youth society, we carefully design and provide a large pool of self-learning free training resources. Which will help people to explore new trending topics in business environment, self-develop skills and capabilities, and support acquiring professional certificates. Free training resources will include the following:

  • Professional Articles
  • Blogs and Vlogs
  • Free Training Materials
  • Professional certificates Simulations Exams
  • Flash Cards
  • Games