Agile Planning and Estimation Practices

Become Professional in Agile Planning & Estimation Practices

Join our Agile Planning and Estimation Practices online training course to understand & practice the agile planning techniques and Agile Estimation best practices, and develop release plan for your product.

  • Duration: 2:25 Hour
  • 14 High Quality Video Lessons
  • Date: At Your Own Pace
  • Language: Arabic
  • Price: 120 USD

Course Description

This agile planning and estimation practices online training course (Recorded) will help you acquire and develop you agile skills and competencies, agile planning best practices and techniques, agile estimation best practices and techniques, and how to develop your agile release plan effectively.

Through a real case study “Customer relationship management software CRM” in details will help us to better understand and practice agile practices as in real life situation in order to get best outcomes out of this course.

In this agile planning and estimation online course, you will be introduced to many of the agile methods like Scrum, KANBAN, and XP. And you will be able to effectively develop and design your own project management approach and product development methodology.

You will learn the most important topics, concept, and techniques in agile planning practices like definition of done DoD, time boxing, and much more. One important aspect of this agile planning and estimation online training course is Stories, sometimes called User stories. You will be able to understand the importance, origins of user stories, and how to decompose and prioritize them in order to manage product backlog effectively. Moreover, you will gain the most useful tools and techniques in order to perform agile estimation and develop your winning agile release plan.

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What you will learn in this Course?

  • Understand and Apply Agile Process best practices

  • Apply Quick wins concept
  • Define product vision and roadmap
  • Define and manage business value
  • Develop Product requirements
  • Plan product releases Overview
  • Develop and write user stories
  • Manage Product backlog
  • Overview of Scrum method
  • Apply Agile planning practices in depth
  • Customize and develop agile project management approach
  • Understand user stories in depth
  • Apply agile estimation techniques in depth
  • Apply agile release planning in depth

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Training Outlines

  • Agile Planning - Definition of Done
  • Agile Estimation
  • Agile Release Planning

  • Agile Planning - Time Boxing
  • Agile Planning & Estimation Overview
  • Agile Planning - Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle
  • Agile Planning - Project Management Approach
  • Agile Planning – Accuracy
  • Stories – Origins
  • Stories – Prioritization
  • Stories – Decomposition
  • Stories – Dependencies
  • Agile Planning - Agile Methods

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Who Should Attend

  • System Analysts
  • Business Analysis Practitioners
  • Agile Practitioners

  • Project Requirements Management Team Members
  • Product Requirements Management Team Members
  • Project Managers
  • Project Management Team Members
  • Software Development Teams
  • Project Management Office Teams
  • Business Center of Excellence
  • Organizational Governance Team Members

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