Managing Multiple Projects - Advanced Level

Learn how to Manage your Multiple Projects Professionally.

Join this advanced level course to learn best practices and competencies in managing multiple projects.

  • Duration: 3:00 Hour
  • 25 High Quality Video Lessons
  • Date: At Your Own Pace
  • Language: Arabic
  • Price: 200 USD

Course Description

This training program will provide you with practical application how to manage multiple projects at an advanced level, and the tasks, responsibilities and skills required to succeed in managing multiple projects efficiently and effectively.

This training program will enable you to understand organizational project management in details, and the different methods to managing a multi-project according to the project's background, type and sector served. It also aims to complete the interactive picture with the project management office, including portfolio management and program management.

In this program, the most important practical challenges facing managers of multiple projects and how to understand projects, will be clearly and effectively simulated.

In this program, we will provide the most important skills that multiple project managers need, and the tasks and responsibilities to succeed in managing multiple projects. We will give the most important secrets to success in managing multiple projects.

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Learning Outcomes

  • The ability to manage the scope of multiple projects
  • Building an intelligent schedule

  • An understanding of project management at the organization level
  • An understanding of the multiple project management methodologies
  • Understand the role and how the project management office works
  • Understand the tasks and responsibilities of multiple project managers
  • Acquiring the skills needed by multiple project managers
  • The ability to properly understand projects through an understanding of the scope, background, requirements, and environment of the project
  • Build an intelligent business segmentation structure
  • Smart management and planning of project resources
  • The role of the project manager is multiple in detail linked to the project life cycle and before it

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Training Outlines

  • Introduction
  • Big Picture
  • Organizational Project Management

  • Multi Projects Strategic Documents
  • Multi Project Within PMO
  • Multi Projects Situations
  • Focus Areas 1 – Product
  • Focus Areas 2 – Strategy
  • Focus Areas 3 – Prioritization
  • Focus Areas 4 – Project
  • Focus Areas 5- Resource
  • Focus Areas 6 – Standardization
  • How to understand your project
  • Project Management Approach
  • Project Management Approach Sample
  • Multi Projects Scope Management
  • Multi Projects Resource Management
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Schedule Model
  • MS Project Overview
  • Network Diagram
  • Schedule Model Components
  • Consolidated Schedule Model
  • Conclusion

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Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Portfolio Managers

  • Operations Managers

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