Project Execution, Monitoring & controlling, and Closing

Learn how successfully implement your project at hand.

  • Duration: 2:40 Hour
  • • 13 High Quality Video Lessons
  • Date: At Your Own Pace
  • Language: Arabic
  • Price: 20 USD

Course Description

A project is considered successful when project objectives are achieved, and meets or exceeds stakeholder’s expectations. As a project management professional, the project manager is responsible to complete the project successfully, by executing the project according to the project management plan. Moreover, the project manager during project execution, monitor and control project execution to be aligned with project management plan and stakeholder expectations.

According to Project management institute PMI, Project execution is the work performed to complete the project work defined in the project management plan to satisfy the project requirements. Moreover, Project monitoring and controlling is the work performed corresponding to tracking, reviewing, and regulating the progress and performance of the project, managing changes and monitor risks in projects, and implementing preventive and corrective actions.

Project execution, monitoring and controlling makes the greatest part of the project management lifecycle and almost 65% of the project management professional PMP exam according the project management institute PMI.

In project execution, the project manager should have many competencies and skills. According the Project management institute PMI talent triangle, the most needed skill in project execution in Leadership. According to PMI, Leadership is defined as the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to guide, motivate, and direct the project team to complete the project successfully.

In this online training course, we will cover project closing processes as well.

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What you will learn in this Course?

At the end of this online training course, trainees will be able to:

  • Professionally execute projects
  • Professionally monitor and control projects
  • Understand and Perform project execution processes,
  • Understand and perform monitor and control processes
  • Effectively Manage project resources
  • Effective and efficient project communication
  • Perform change management in projects
  • Perform Conduct and control procurement processes in projects
  • Monitor risks in project and implement risk response plans
  • Perform earned value management
  • Perform project closing processes
  • Prepare for PMP Exam
  • Earn PDUs

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Training Outlines

  • Project Execution, M&C, and closing Introduction
  • Data flow in project

  • Project Execution and M&C big picture
  • Earned value management calculations
  • Project management professional PMP Exam formulas
  • Project Execution and Monitoring & Controlling Processes overview
  • Project Execution and Monitoring & Controlling in depth
  • Project resources and communications
  • change management
  • deliverables story
  • procurement processes
  • Monitoring Project risks
  • Implementation of risk responses

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Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Team Leaders

  • Managers
  • Schedulers
  • Engineers
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineers
  • Anyone looking for career development
  • Anyone setting for the PMP exam

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