Project Management Fundamentals

Learn Top Fundamentals in Project Management

  • Duration: 3:40 Hour
  • 14 High Quality Video Lessons
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Course Description

Project Management Professional PMP Fundamentals Online Training Course, focuses on how to deliver a successful project. In order to practice project management professionally, you need first to correctly initiate your project. According to the Project Management Institute PMI, Project initiation is the work performed to define a new project by obtaining authorization to start the project, by chartering the project and identify project stakeholders and their expectations.

Project charter is essential for any project and makes the difference between project success and failure. Moreover, in this online training course, we will show you how project charter links project outcomes contribution in achieving strategic objectives of the organization. A well developed project charter makes the foundation for the a proficient project manager to develop the project management plan properly.

Developing one comprehensive project management plan requires the project manager to develop a number of subsidiary plans and project documents, and professionally integrate project management plans, documents, processes, and activities into one project management plan, that can be executed to produce project deliverables and achieve project deliverables.

The art of the project manager is the project integration management. It includes the work to identify, define, unify, and coordinate various project management activities, in order to complete project successfully.

This online training course will help you logically understand how project management initiating and planning integration is performed in real life practice. And will help you to prepare for Project Management Professional PMP exam, and will save your efforts in memorizing, but logically understand project management processes.

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What you will learn in this Course?

At the end of this online training course, trainees will be able to:

  • Perform project initiation processes
  • Perform integration Management
  • Prepare for PMP Exam
  • Develop project charter with the right content
  • Identify project stakeholders and their expectations
  • Analyze Stakeholders and their requirements
  • How to Develop project management plan
  • How to Develop quality management plan
  • How to Develop resources management plan
  • How to Develop Scope management plan
  • How to Develop schedule management plan
  • How to Develop cost management plan
  • How to Develop risk management plan
  • How to Develop procurement management plan
  • How to Develop stakeholder engagement plan
  • How to Develop communication management plan
  • How to Develop project management documents

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Training Outlines

  • How to Plan cost management
  • Overview
  • Project initiation processes

  • Project Management Initiation Processes
  • Introduction to Project Management Professional
  • The importance of project charter
  • The right content of project charter
  • Project Management Planning Integration Processes
  • Project Planning integration processes
  • How to Develop project management plan
  • How to Plan quality management
  • How to Plan resource management
  • How to Plan scope management
  • How to Plan schedule management
  • How to Plan stakeholder engagement
  • How to Plan communication management
  • How to Plan risk management
  • How to Plan procurement management
  • Project Planning Documents and Baselines

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Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Team Leaders

  • Managers
  • Engineers
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineers
  • Anyone looking for career development
  • Anyone setting for the PMP exam

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