Project Scheduling

Become a Professional Projects Scheduler

  • Duration: 4:00 Hour
  • 12 High Quality Video Lessons
  • Date: At Your Own Pace
  • Language: Arabic
  • Price: 20 USD

Course Description

Mostly Projects are complicated endeavors, temporary, and unique. Projects are defined as a set of related activities that have a start date and finish date to produce unique product, service, or result. To be a project management professional, one of the pillars to a successful project management practices and a successful project is to professionally and properly develop your project schedule.

The Project Management Institute PMI defines Project Scheduling as the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques, to develop effective schedule models. Project schedule is the logical integration and organization of project components, such as project activities, dependencies between activities, project activities resources, to enhance successful project completion and achieving project objectives.

In this online training course, we walk you through how to develop detailed project schedule, which shows the project in a decomposed, time framed, and manageable activities. One of the benefits of Project schedules is to measure Project execution performance progress, monitor and control project execution against planned expectations.

Project schedule provides a detailed plan that represents how and when the project will deliver the products, services, and results defined in the project scope baseline, and serves as a tool for communication, and as a basis for performance reporting.

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What you will learn in this Course?

At the end of this online training course, trainees will be able to:

  • Developing project schedules as a project management professional PMP
  • Define project activities
  • sequence project activities
  • Apply dependencies, leads, and lags
  • Estimate project activities required resources, durations, and costs.
  • Applying Project schedule compression techniques (Crashing, Fast tracking)
  • Apply this online course knowledge and skill into your career and work environment
  • Prepare for the Project Management Professional PMP exam
  • Get PDUs from the PMI

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Training Outlines

  • What is Project scheduling
  • Plan Project Activities
  • Crashing technique

  • Howto Sequence project activities
  • Project Planning Estimation
  • How to Define project activities
  • How to Estimate activity resources
  • How to Estimate activity durations
  • How to Estimate activity costs
  • Develop Project Schedule
  • Release planning in agile project environments
  • Develop project schedule Process
  • Project scheduling techniques
  • Critical Path Method CPM, AON
  • Fast tracking technique
  • Resources Utilization
  • Project Scheduling Summary

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Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Team Leaders

  • Managers
  • Schedulers
  • Engineers
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineers
  • Anyone looking for career development
  • Anyone setting for the PMP exam

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