Certified Innovation Professional

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Certified Innovation Professional

Innovation, as a concept, refers to the process that an individual or organization undertakes to conceptualize brand new products, processes, and ideas, or to approach existing products, processes, and ideas in new ways. For businesses to achieve success in today’s modern world, this is a universal truth, this extreme growth, businesses have been forced to adapt and expand more than ever before.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Understand what innovation is and the role it plays in driving business forward.

  • Learn how to think differently about the value and experiences your organization delivers to the markets.
  • Learn specific methods and techniques for pursuing innovation and ensuring innovation projects make it safely from concept to market.
  • learn how to drive powerful and market-led solutions to emerging challenges
  • Become a driving force for constantly reconnecting your business and its markets at increasingly higher levels.
  • Deliver meaningful impact to the business and transform it into a truly innovative organization.
  • Learn how to decompose challenges into new hypotheses that can be tested and verified.
  • Develop a deep appetite for finding new and better ways to deliver customer value and experiences.
  • Learn how to conceive market-winning next generation solutions and how to advocate for these within the organization.

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Training Methodology

This workshop aims to ensure best retention rate and quick improvement in both employee and work performance

within the work place alike, and has been structured in to two modules content workshop with 24 training hour. The workshop modules are developed shown below in the modules section.

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Obtaining Certification

To be eligible to register for the CInP exam and become certified, an individual must

  • show proof of ownership of the GInI Applied Innovation Master Book®
  • Apply for and pass the CInP exam: The CInP is a 90-minute exam with 90 multiple-choice questions and a passing score of 60%.

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Certified Innovation Professional Training Modules

Module 1: Innovation Foundation

  • The Innovation Professional – World Changers of the Business World
  • The Innovation Fundamentals – Getting to Know Business Innovation

  • Getting Innovation Done – Running Innovation Projects in the Business
  • Innovation’s Design Outputs – The Many Forms of “What’s New”
  • The Effective Innovator – Einstein, Edison, Jobs, and You
  • Creativity, Ideation, & Brainstorming – Tapping Into Innovation’s Source of Life
  • The GInI Breakthrough Innovation Method

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Module 2: Innovation Best Practices

  • Getting Innovation Done – Running Innovation Projects in the Business
  • The Big Dig – The Role of Research in Innovation

  • Design Thinking, Human-Centric Design, & The Role of Design in Innovation
  • The Innovation Manager – Grand Masters of the New
  • The Innovation Manager as Project Leader – Driving Focused Innovation
  • Leading & Building a Core Innovation Team
  • The Innovation Management Process
  • Program & Project Management Tools for Innovation Management
  • Engagement – The Art of Participatory Innovation
  • Designing Innovation Spaces
  • The Innovation Manager as Liaison – Leveraging Open Innovation
  • Storytelling – How to Spark the Imagination & Turn Ships
  • Selecting the Winning Ideas – My Innovation is Better Than Your Innovation
  • Integration – Putting It All Together

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