Certified Design Thinking Professional

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Certified Design Thinking Professional

Design Thinking is indispensable for business results, it is an iterative process in which to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding. At the same time, UTC CONSULTING Design Thinking Program will help practitioners to provide a solution-based approach to solve problems, moreover:

  • Learn Leadership responsibilities.
  • Get hired easily.
  • Learn how to think and create innovation.
  • Learn how to measure innovations success.
  • Control objectives and controls.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Gain a deep understanding and practice of the methodology and tools of Design Thinking

  • Learn how to explore customer needs with a deep sense of empathy for both their spoken and unspoken needs.
  • Learn how to deliver greater value that more effectively satisfy customers’ needs
  • Learn how to hunt problems and opportunities for a clearer understanding of the root causes the perceived problem.
  • Be able to suggest and design proper solutions to solve business problems improve opportunities
  • Ensure that your organization delivers a consistent and valued brand message and value to customers.

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Training Methodology

This workshop aims to ensure best retention rate and quick improvement in both employee and work performance

within the work place alike, and has been structured in to six modules content workshop with 24 training hour.The workshop modules are developed shown below in the modules section.

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Obtaining Certification

To be eligible to register for the CDTP exam, an individual must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • A Bachelors or Master’s degree in Design Methods, regardless of experience.
  • A minimum of one year of professional experience with a Master’s degree or higher.
  • A minimum of two years of professional experience with a Bachelor’s degree
  • A minimum of four years of professional experience with less than a Bachelor’s degree
  • In addition, the individual must show proof of ownership of the GInI Applied Innovation Master Book®
  • Apply for and pass the CDTP exam: The CDTP is a 90-minute exam with 90 multiple-choice questions and a passing score of 65%.

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Certified Design Thinking Professional Training Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking Defined
  • Some History – Good Design
  • The Leading Design Theories

  • Human-Centric Design – The Undergirding Philosophy of Design Thinking
  • Reframing Problems – The Secret Sauce of Design Thinking
  • The impact of Design Thinking and Good Design on Business
  • The Various Applications of Design Thinking
  • When, Where, & How to Apply Design Thinking (and When, Where, & How Not To)
  • The Procedural Approach to Design Thinking
  • Design Methods – The Toolbox of Design Thinking
  • Two Critical Skills in Design Thinking

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Module 2: The Design Thinking Process

  • The Complete Design Thinking Process
  • Problem Owning
  • Business Experimentation

  • Problem Clarity - Unpacking & Reframing the Problem o Empathize - Hypothesis Formation
  • Define - Hypothesis Convergence
  • Stating the Point of View – insights that Flow Out of Empathy
  • Defining the Design Principles – Guiding Directives That Flow Out of Understanding
  • Value Definition – Conceiving the Right Solution
  • Solution ideation
  • Solution Testing
  • Solution Convergence
  • The Winning Value Proposition & Business Model
  • Additional Considerations for HCD & The Design Thinking Process
  • Post Design Thinking – Strategizing & Executing

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Module 3: Prototyping for Design Thinking

  • The Role of Prototyping in Design Thinking
  • The Benefits of Prototyping

  • The Twelve Purposes of Prototyping o Build to Learn
  • Prototype Types & Concepts
  • Conclusions

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Module 4: Design Methods

  • Overview of Design Methods
  • The Observe Methods
  • The Question Methods
  • The Experiment Methods

  • The Study Methods
  • Using Method Guides
  • Where to Apply Specific Design Methods in the Design Thinking Process
  • Developing the insights plan

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Module 5: The Design Thinker’s Role in the Business

  • As an i-Coach / i-Mentor / innovation Facilitator
  • As a Project Leader

  • Interacting With Other Functions
  • Leveraging this Role to Move Ahead

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Module 6: Integration

  • Recap of the Human-Centric Design Philosophy
  • Recap of Design Thinking - An Approach & A Process

  • Recap of Reframing for 10X Breakthrough impact!
  • Recap of Becoming Masters of Empathy
  • Recap of the Design Methods / Where & How to Use Them Effectively
  • Driving to Optimal Solutions - The innovators’ End Game
  • Pulling lt Together / Applying lt

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