Agile Practices Introduction

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This Agile Practices Introduction Course is short, but includes a comprehensive practical experience and application of agile practices as in real world, not only theories and written principles. This course will show you how agility and agile process relates and interacts with many professions, disciplines, skills, and competencies like: Organizational Project Management OPM, Business Analysis, Project Management, and more.

Course Outlines

  • Introduction
  • Agile Process & Business Value
  • Scrum Method
  • CRM Real Case: Define Business Value & Product Vision
  • Agile Process Components
  • Quick Wins Concept and Value Delivery
  • Product Requirements Development
  • User Stories : The Conclusion Session

In this course you will get:

  • Case Study
  • Real Practice
  • Training Material “Soft Copy”
  • Certificate of attendance “soft Copy”

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Free Introductory Course

This Agile Practices Introductory course will help develop your Agile project management approach and product development approach that best fit your product. and understand many of the agile methods like Scrum, KANBAN, ScrumBAN, etc.

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