Customer Experience Consulting Story

Originally published: August 03, 2021 01:38:22 PM, updated: August 03, 2021 02:05:57 PM

Establishing and managing customer experience functions is a serious job as a consultant, moreover, implementing the function within the customer organization is not an easy job. So, before starting your job as a customer experience consultant you should make sure that your client has some prerequisite and/or ready to support having these requirements:

  • Corporate strategy and branding strategy, moreover make sure that you can work with other related functions like customer service department.
  • Gain support from top management and related organizations functions especially in the context of data gathering after checking data availability.

Now, take the story. Assess your client'scustomer experience maturity and compare what they already have to the top management vision as a corporate vision, as well as their customer experience vision. Make sure that customer experience strategic vision is aligned with other visions and fit to the corporate one.

Define the scope of work in order to plan for your job, including elicitation techniques, communication, needed resources, and so. The first important part now is to define customer experience strategic goals, pillars, and guiding principles. Don't forget to understand the customerexperience ecosystem for your client. Yes, customer journey mapping is the cornerstone for this job, moreover customer journey map will be the tool later on to help you to learn about customers' expectations, defining the metrics, formulatingdata management and process management for the customer experience implementation framework, and more.

Defining the customer experience metrics is your next step to facilitate defining lead and lag indicators for each customer experience strategic objectives, yes now you are ready to define customer experience KPIs.

Now, you can draw up the action plan and define the projects needed to enable achieving the customer experience strategic objectives. In parallel with implementation plan including change management and the defined operation.

Customer experience operations will include data management process, continuous improvement process framework, roles and responsibilities, and more. You can visit our Customer Experience Consulting Services Page to learn more about customer experience consulting.

Written by: Eng. Mohammad Emran PMP, PMI-PBA, CMC, BPM, CXP, MCTS