SCRUM as a Myth

Originally published: April 07, 2021 10:32:34 AM, updated: June 06, 2021 12:06:20 PM

Project is endeavor unique. That is right, but the missing part of project definition, is project enable changes in other terms project outcomes should translate organization from current state to future state to make strategic goals and objectives achievable and realistic. Is SCRUM a myth.

For example, in IT industry, some organizations may use SCRUM method to produce IT product……now producing this product, let us say CRM…. is it a project? CRM as a solution “certain features, function, and characteristics” will work after proper testing, but still need transition activities to be ready to use and start generate the propose business value. Transition requirement and organizational readiness activities will complete the project definition. Accordingly Applying agile method should be part of the project scope but not the project is self.

Take this scenario, certain customer is asking for CRM and want to see business value from this IT product, from IT company to produce. That mean the buyer may try to improve the process before automation, product CRM, ensure data migration, and may be provide training for the customer.

Now. The project deliverables are: process improvement, CRM using SCRUM, data migration, prepare and conduct training.

It is a myth to say I have a SCRUM project. But SCRUM method is part from the project management approach, or you can say the project is adapting agile method and or approach.

You can check the full SCRUM Course for more information.