The Right Way To Pass The PMP Exam 2021

Originally published: August 02, 2021 04:36:16 PM, updated: August 03, 2021 02:03:02 PM

Passing the PMP exam is journey starting from defining your personal goals and answer the big question, "Why Do I need to be certified PMP up to the moment of passing the exam?''

First of all you should learn how a PMP certificate might help your career path and self development, take the decision and accept the challenge.

Second: Select the right training provider, as PMI recommendation tells us to find ATP is better than other training providers for the seek of New PMP EXAM CHANGES 2021.

Third: During training program you should articulate all training information to the PMP Exam Content based on the PMI updated ECO.

Fourth: Empower you learning resources withPMP Exam Simulations, so you can use the simulations for two purposes, first, while study for the exam to find out your knowledge strengths and weaknesses to be recovered in advance “ I mean parallel with your study times not after study completion. second, this will help to focus in the right way in how to study and expect how questions will be drawn up for each certain information. Here is a free sample of PMP exam simulation. Moreover you will be ready to absorb the PMP exam environment. The more simulation the more passing chance.

Fifth: Have more learning aids like project management flashcards and games to minimize the memorizing effort, you can try these freesamples.

Sixth: Study with friends, by joining clubs like PMIs Linkedin groups, here is an example, and join professional webinars sessions.

Now, you can shape you exam journey based in your choices, but do not forget to share your achievement with others after passing the exam.

Written by: Eng. Mohammad Emran PMP, PMI-PBA, CMC, BPM, CXP, MCTS